Senstick Agri

Senstick Agri

Realiable LoRaWAN sensors for Smart Farms

Senstick Pro

Senstick Agri

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Built for Harsh Environments
Customization at Scale

Detailed Specification

  • Identity:
    SMC20, SSM20, STP20, or customizable on demand
  • Type:
    Microclimate, Soil Moisture, External Temperature Probe
  • Use:
    Indoor or Outdoor Harsh Environments
  • Temperature:
    Range -40C to +85C; Accuracy +-0.3C
  • Relative Humidity:
    Range 0% to 100%; Accuracy +-2%
  • Air Pressure:
    Range 880 to 1080hPa; Accuracy +-1hPa
  • Movement Detection:
    16 - 2,000 mg
  • Connectivity:
    LoRaWAN 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 923 MHz
  • Power supply:
    2x AAA batteries (up to 7 years of operation)

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  • Microclimate for Harsh Environments
  • Customizable Settings
  • NFC or OTA Reconfigurable
  • Easy Installation & Integration
  • Up to 7 Years Battery Life
  • IP65 Water & Dust Resistant Rating


Senstick Agri

Soil workability

Predict the workability of soil by monitor soil moisture throughtout of your field. Working with with world experts to empower farmers. Learn more about DEMETER project.

Senstick Agri

Frost protection

Prevent frost in vineyards and orchards by monitoring microclimate on several locations and utilizing predictive algorithms. Senstick SMC20 with solar shield SWP10 is ideal for air temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring.

Senstick Agri

Optimize irrigation

Monitor soil moisture to reduce irrigation costs. Senstick SSM20 enables you to monitor soil moisture and seamless integration with your favorite data platform.

Senstick agri

Senstick Agri

Growing more with less

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